Birshreshtho Shahid Nur Mohammad Hospital

To ensure a healthy physical state and disease free life, there is a college hospital named Birsreshtha Shahid Nur Mohammad Hospital for  providing necessary medical treatments to the sick cadets so that they can stay safe and sound throughout their learning life.



Birsrestho Abdur Rouf Library

The Library is enriched with valuable reference materials such as Atlases, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Annual reports and publications, Survey reports, census reports, country reports, statistical yearbooks, defense related publications and so on. Cadets can enrich and stretch their knowledge beside academic study through reading different types of books from college library.

Birsreshtha Mustafa Auditorium

To be a great performer on the stage as well as to be a good speaker, cadets participate in various stage performances held in college Auditorium. Through different literary events like English debate, Bangla debate, English extempore speech, Bangla extempore speech, poetry recitation, Azan and Quirat, cadets develop their speaking skills with leadership qualities in practice. Besides, current affairs display, painting, wall magazine competition enhance cadets' creative skills with a great floor of being touched with the country and the world’s ongoing affairs.

Cadet Canteen

For the cadets'  necessary materials as well as light food items,there is a college canteen beside the Dining Hall enriched with quality food items and others.After having the games hour finished, cadets are seen to gather at the college cafeteria for buying their daily necessary or refereshing items.